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You can rely on our Fiber and Broadband Services in North England.

By Allan Stout
Fiber and Broadband Services To North England

At Social Comms UK, you can access our fiber and broadband services to the North of England. It is just one of the many services you can use us for. As a Yorkshire based company, partnering with a local business is always a good idea in terms of access to engineers on site with you if things go wrong.

Social Comms UK is an “all in one” business communications company that has grown organically and is focused on helping other business do the same. Originating in Huddersfield and covering the north of England, Social Comms UK will provide you with internet services that out-compete the most well known providers.

When it comes to internet service providers, you don´t always need to rely on the big guys to get the best service. More often than not, they use their sales leverage to charge higher long term contract prices and make it difficult to cancel or augment your service. Not all areas of the UK get the same service and support and its understandable if you feel trapped or frustrated with this.

There is a way for you to avoid this, by partnering with us at Social Comms UK.

You can access high speed internet services to remote areas that currently lack cable or mobile (4/5G) access. You can also take advantage of cheaper monthly prices with more intuitive and flexible contracts.

Why not give us a call FREE on 0330 320 3445 or email us at

You can ask all the quesitons you need to or even arrange to chat to one of our enigneering team directly.

What do you have to lose?

You´re right!… I have nothing to lose, so what else do Social Comms UK do?

Sure, through us, you can access Fiber and Broadband Services to North England, and this is just one of the many services available to you. By partnering with us at Social Comms UK you can get everything you need to communicate with ease.

Broadband or fiber based internet is a great start, and theres so much more in our toolkit for you to choose from.

You can access a complete telecommunications experience.

  • Broadband, Fiber Optic and Internet Services,
  • Full Cloud-Based Business Telephone Systems,
  • Hardware Procurement – Deskphones, Mobiles, Switches, Routers, PC´s, Laptops
  • Sourcing and Support for Starlink Technologies,
  • UC – Unified Communications Solutions for All Types of Businesses,
  • Telephony and IT Project Management for SMB´s,
  • Maintenance and Support Contracts
  • A support team of highly motivated industry experts.

Check out our services page and our news page to keep up to date with all the great ideas you can impliment in your business.

So there you have it, your business can communicate with the rest of the world wiht a partner like us.

Social Comms UK are heading into the future to help as many businesses as possible. Why don’t you join us for the journey?